Not This Week

Not This Week

We are supposed to be always there
We are supposed to at least care
We are supposed to wipe each other’s eyes
We aren’t supposed to make each other cry

We are supposed to be each other’s friend
And during hard times, we are to comprehend
We are supposed to be each other’s relief
And not be the reason for such grief

We are supposed to put each other first
And tolerance’s supposed to be a must
When one is down, the other should remain near
And not say “We won’t talk, my friends will be here”

We are supposed to be many things
At times successful or holding by a string
We are those things of a willing heart
But forget this week cause this week we’re not

Emotional Emergency

Emotional Emergency

Poem Space

Este poema eu escrevi numa noite enquanto eu jantava. Uma tristeza inexplicável tomou conta do meu ser. Peguei o guardanapo que havia na minha frente e só fui escrevendo. Este poema é o resultado daquela ‘emergência emocional’. Com vocês, Emotional Emergency.

In the desperation of writing these words

I find a pen and a napkin

I put my dinner aside

The feeling takes over me

The anxiety compresses my heart

I feel breathless, I feel small

It came from nowhere

The tears started rolling down my face

That feeling wouldn’t stop hurting

It wouldn’t go away

You’re the reason for this tears

You’re the reason for this madness

You’re the reason for my doubts

and I need your hug, that’s all that matters.