Freedom At Last

Freedom At Last

Poem Space

Achei nas notas do meu celular, coisas perdidas com o tempo. Achei válido.

Com vocês, Freedom At Last!

Shovel in hand, land on the ground

A marked place where I should dig

Crispy rain, thick fog all around

A tall man looking down at me

“This ain’t a dream”, the tall man said

Reading my thoughts and easing my doubts

“You need to dig this grave for me

Only after this you’ll be able to get out”

His pale skin glittered under the moonlight

He had no expression on his face

Before I opened my mouth to complain

With a blink of an eye he faded away

With crampy hands I was finally done

All the six feet for his new bed

When I looked at the tombstone

It wasn’t his but my name that it read

Then I understood what he meant before

The tall man looking at me was Death

Life for me would be no more

The freedom I’d get was my last breath


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