Frog-Princes and Medusas

Frog-Princes and Medusas

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“I know I’m not a princess, but is it possible that I can’t have a happy ending too?” she questioned herself. “I will never find anybody! “, she then thought everyday while going to bed alone and tired by the moonlight that would enter her room through the open window. Her face, now pale because of the bright light of the moon, stared at the ceiling until she fell deeply asleep and hoped to dream about her prince that may have gotten lost along the way. The next morning, she would wake up frustrated either for not being able to dream about what she wanted or for not remembering the angelical face she had seen in her dreams.

While waiting for the so called lost prince, other frogs dressed as princes, showed up in her path promising to break the spell that should be unbreakable and save her from the dragon’s claws or from the wicked witch, giving her the happy ending she was waiting for. But the vain promises would vanish in the air and by the end of the day she would be alone again and even more broken. There was nobody around to help her pick up the even smaller pieces of a simple girl with a dream that had become even simpler.

She didn’t want a prince anymore, not even some one for whom she would care a lot for. She was just waiting on someone who wouldn’t hurt her so much, someone who wouldn’t make a deeper wound in her heart, now smaller because of the countless pieces that each Frog-Prince had taken with them as a sick trophy. The famous light at the end of the tunnel had been turned off and the immortal hope had died. Yes, she had given up on love. She became indifferent and insensitive to it.

And so her simple life went on. She would wake up in the morning, comply with her obligations at work, have good grades at college and smile whenever she had to. At night, in the solitude of her bedroom, where the moon would always come to visit her, she showed to the green walls, to the photograph on the shelves and to her clothes that were all over the place who she really was: a lonely girl; and what she really felt: loneliness!

Then she met a guy who would later on change the whole situation. He was kind of funny, but she would then find out he was as cold towards love as she was. Not realizing when nor why, the dispassionate lovers fell in love. Only someone as aversive to love as him could see what she was hiding under that invisible armor she carried and only someone as aversive to love as her could soften his heart that was once turned into stone by some Medusas on his way.

And that was how things happened, simple and fast. A long talk, a dinner and a walk back to her place were enough for them to realize that the light at the end of the tunnel might not have been turned off and hope was immortal after all. It was as if the gears that were missing in the wholes they had in the left side of their chest would regenerate and their hearts were beating again and they could feel their blood running through every vein and artery once again. It was as if they were alive once more and they could now feel each other’s warmth when they hugged, kissed or just held hands.

Maybe their “Happily Ever After” is still far away but the Frog-Princes and the Medusas will surely not fool these two lovers again. Once you’ve tasted what real love feels like, nothing can be done to destroy it.

(versão em português aqui/ portuguese version here)

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